What we do

Before your first visit in our practice
  • First, we kindly ask you to fill in our online application form.
  • Within the next few days, we will call you back and offer you a fist appointment.
  • Shortly after, you will receive an email with a form on which we ask you to provide general and medical history information on your child. Also, with this email you will be given information on what to bring to the first appointment. Please return this form as soon as possible.
How will the appointments in our practice be conducted?
  • Initially, during the first appointment, a comprehensive diagnostic examination is performed to evaluate the current problem with attention to its physical, genetic, developmental, emotional, cognitive, educational, family, peer, and social components.

Dr. Nedoschill and, as far as possible, one of the practice’s psychotherapists, will have about 45 minutes to learn from you and your child and to set up a diagnosis plan. There will be no physical examination within our practice.

For further questions on our first appointment, please also refer to our FAQ.

  • Then we will offer your child a set of appointments to perform several talks or tests. An evaluation is typically 2 – 5 appointments.
  • Occasionally we also suggest an appointment with the parents alone to amplify our understanding of your family’s situation and of your child’s problem.
  • Very likely we will give you some questionnaires to fill out at home between the appointments.
  • Depending on the issues we will ask teachers to fill in similar forms if you give us permission to do so. At times it will be necessary to talk to other caregivers like school teachers by scheduling a phone call.
  • In the feedback appointment, the child and adolescent psychiatrist arrives at a diagnosis and diagnostic formulation which is shared with the patient and family. Patients below 12 years of age are usually not recommended to attend this feedback appointment. Please ask your conducting therapist about his recommendation.

Dr. Nedoschill then designs a treatment plan which considers all the components and discusses these recommendations with the child or adolescent and family.

Sometimes we can give you advice which fulfills your expectations at once. In other respects we will offer you and your child more appointments in our practice for counseling or psychotherapy.

Dr. Nedoschill also prescribes psychiatric medication if necessary. He can also prescribe occupational therapy or speech therapy if it seems suitable for the mental problem.

To apply for an appointment please fill in this form.

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