FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Do all appointments have to take place in the mornings?

First appointments and diagnostic appointments always have to take place in the mornings due to concentration reasons. Talks with parents can also be scheduled in the afternoon or, depending on the therapist’s schedule, in the evening.

Do I have to bring my child to the first appointment?

Yes, we always need to see you and your child in the first appointment to be able to get a feeling for the issue and the situation you are. Should you wish to have separate talks with the therapist, please inform us during the first appointment and we will be happy to schedule separate appointments for you.

Are all appointments and diagnostic / treatment sessions covered by health insurance?

All our activities are covered by German health insurance companies. For our additional effort to provide English forms and tests, we will invoice a once-only extra fee of EUR 20 which will be charged before the second appointment. Regarding foreign insurance, please refer directly to your insurance company. If you prefer to pay directly, you may use our contact form to ask about the prices.

Why is there a „no show“ fee?

For reasons of our well-spaced scheduling (usually we plan 45 minutes per appointment) we are not able to call our „next patient“ in case of a patient’s spontaneous absence. In this case, the doctor and his therapists have unscheduled time which has to be invoiced to you in case you miss to cancel an appointment less than 24 hours before.

Can I just show up with my child in the practice in urgent cases?

Due to our careful patient scheduling, we are always able to provide enough time for scheduled appointments. On the other hand, this is why we are not able to supply unscheduled or emergency appointments. In case a patient already known to our practice urgently needs counseling, please call us or use our contact form, and we hope to serve your needs as soon as we can. In case of a psychiatric emergency, please refer to the departments of child and adolescent psychiatry at University hospital in Erlangen or Klinikum Nürnberg.

Where can I find more information on the web?

If you want to learn more about mental disorders among children and adolescents, please visit the American Academy for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Facts for Families Guide.

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